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Copyright Infringment?

Update – The person in question got written permission from the university where he copied it from. So we are ok. Really glad I stopped to check before publishing though!

I am the (new) webmaster for a university, which shall remain nameless (new in terms of for the university and new in terms of web work). And I have been asked to put together a few pages based on content and layout information provided to me in a word document.

So there I am happily converting it all into HTML and wham! I am hit with a weird looking link. To another university’s website. So I follow it (as all good surfers do) and what do I find? An almost exact replica of what I am in the process of creating. In fact most parts of it is word-for-word plagiarised!

Now, I know we all look at each other’s websites for ideas and inspiration, but word-for-word? Surely that’s illegal? So, I am stopping what I am doing and speaking to some people tomorrow. In spite of the fact that the pressure was put on me to complete this work asap because of a big faculty meeting tomorrow morning. I feel slightly sick.

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