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Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed


Today there is no alertness from yesterday morning.  I feel just headachey, groggy and grumpy 😦

Well, yes… I guess it doesn’t help that I stayed up till 1am having VERY NICE loving (and that is a severe understatement!) and that I had fitful sleep thereafter sleeping next to the man I love.  We are just too aware of each other when we sleep!  Every little movement and sound affect us both.  It is sad.  We love each other so much, are the best of friends and have a wonderfully passionate marriage, and yet we battle to actually sleep together.  Are we going to end up as the couple who have separate bedrooms?  In order to stop the cycle of sleep deprivation we’re in.  That goes against everything my romantic idealist heart believes in, yet I cannot deny the facts.  We both sleep better on our own.  Sigh.

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