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Scrabble Cheat

Seems “Scrabble Cheat” is bringing people to my blog from this post, via search engines. How funny is that! Blog stats really are cool, aren’t they?

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This week’s blog challenge from Lorelle on WordPress……

Intelligent Online Toys and Play Things.
Blog a listing of your favorite online toys and play things that aren’t “games”.

Well, that got me thinking…..I sink A LOT of time online. What the heck do I do? And how much of it is fun?

I would say that my main reason for spending so much time online (other than work and research) is NETWORKING. I love keeping in touch with old friends and meeting new people. And all of it is fun, but I think my actual favorite online ‘toys’ are blogging, playing around with graphics and Scrabulous. Oh and of course, until I was married, online dating and flirting.

Although it is a lot more for me now, at one point I considered blogging to be a toy. It was a fun way to be creative and …gasp… get your friends feedback (which was hopefully good). It was also an awesome way to keep in touch with people. I had just moved to a new state in the US after leaving my ex-husband, and knew no one. So it was a great way to meet people with similar interests (well, actually that was more the dating sites). When I met my current husband, one of the first things he did was to give me his blog url, “so that I could get to know him”. At first I thought it was weird and arrogant, but once I got into it, I realized how useful it was. It allowed me to get real insight into the inner workings of his brain. Needless to say, we are now married 🙂 Blogging is still a toy for me in many ways, exactly because of challenges like this 🙂 When my brain works, I have fun. And of course it is the perfect vessel for me to pour the anguish of my emotions into as well, instead of into the people around me.

Blogging led me into graphics, although I am just starting out with that. I can spend hours and even days, creating effects. The header on this blog is one of my creations. Although I am not yet happy with it as it is too blurry.

The last online toy on my list is Scrabulous. Lorelle says no “games”, but then she further qualifies…

word and writing games that help you write better, and more “intelligent” fun things to do on the web

Now, although Scrabulous is a game, I consider it a word game and something which helps me to write better, as it improves my vocabulary. So I’m hoping it qualifies 🙂

So there you have it….Lorelle’s weekly challenge met (I think anyway 😉 )

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A few more of my time-sinkers are Facebook and Scrabulous. My vocabulary and pattern recognition is so poor though, I’m getting beaten to smithereens. I have to look up so many words. But it is paying off. I know so many new words now, it’s incredible. Did you know that QAT is a valid word? What a handy word for Scrabble! Every now and then when my brain refuses to work anymore, I am ashamed to admit that I cheat…online. 😦 I didn’t even know such things existed. The strange thing I’m finding though, as at school, when daring to write out a tiny cheat cheat, I end up learning the material anyway. One cheat is that you can mimic the setup of your exact game and the program will figure out the best words for you. But how very tedious. I’d rather loose than bore myself to that extent. What is handy though, are word lists that I can just scan through, seeing if anything jumps out at me.

Anyway on one of my cheat surfs, I came across Confessions of an Online Scrabble Cheat. How very humorous and true!

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