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To import or not?

…to import 2 year’s worth of content from LiveJournal or not….hmmmmm…

Update – loose all the security??? Oh no, we cannot have that at all! My LiveJournal content will stay on LiveJournal. There are things on that blog that my family can never, never see. Sorry folks ;-).

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Addictions are funny things

Yep, indeed they are. If it’s not surfing or webkinz or facebook scrabble or blackjack or poker or eating or sex….it’s blogging. My husband would much prefer it only to be sex 😉

I’ve been very busy figuring out WordPress and I can already see it’s going to be addictive if I’m not careful. I’ve had a blog on Livejournal for a good 2 years, but in more recent months it’s been really slow. I get too overwhelmed to write. So, why might you ask am I starting another blog….?

Ummmm, cos WordPress looks cool..? And cos I’m missing writing….?

Silly, I suppose. But Jenty’s been a real inspiration. Her blogs are beautiful. So now I want one too.

So we’ll see. Maybe a new interface will inspire me. Logging off now and going home to sweet hubby…

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Random Greeting

Well….this is my first post here at WordPress. Nothing much to say right now, other than to explain the name of my blog.

Natz G.

No, it is not a play on Ali G.
It is my long held nickname – Natz – and the initial of my new last name . See, I was recently married, to a wonderful man, with a very pretty last name. Which is a welcome relief from my previous married name. And so I happily use it 🙂

Anyway…welcome to my blog!

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