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Suburban Seasons

When taking pictures during the snow fall this past week, I realized I was taking the exact same picture that I had taken during the fall this year. So that gave me the idea to create a series of 4 pictures over the course of the year, to show the seasonal changes. So far I only have the Fall and the Winter. I simply love the contrast!

The pictures are of a tree (the foremost one in particular) and its surrounds, across the road from our house. For some reason that tree always calls to me. There is something about the ugliness of the telephone wires and unpaved driveway contrasted against the beauty of the tree.  After actually looking at the pictures electronically, I can see they are not exactly the same photo, as they are from slightly different angle, but I think they’re close enough for my little project.

Suburban Seasons - Fall

Suburban Seasons - Winter

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