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‘Tis Snow, snow, snowing again!

‘Tis snow, snow, snowing again!
Light soft snowflakes.

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Inclement Weather Day

Looks like I got my wish. Today the schools have been closed in our county. Not that it affects me much, other than to give me an excuse why I shouldn’t drive my hour and a half commute to work, and work from home instead. I really despise that commute 🙂 .

B took an hour and a half to get home last night, when normally it takes him less than 40 mins. I eventually called because I hadn’t heard from him and I was worried. Of course he answered and was fine. My main concern at that stage was that he was dead and couldn’t call me. He thought that was funny and promised that if he died on the way home from work one day, that he would send me a message, somehow, someway…in fact he specifically mentioned plates falling from the kitchen cupboards….silly man.

I think to the average American I sound paranoid about the ice and snow. I know I didn’t grow up in it (having been born and raised in warmer southern climates), and so am unfamiliar with it. But it feels like more. Almost like mother nature created snow and ice to give the world a break, to just be still and regroup. And here we are doing everything we can to overcome that….snow ploughs, salt on the roads…and for what? Why can’t we just be still for a while? Oh I know all the arguments regarding our economy etc, but it really feels to me like we are going against our base nature.

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Ice Sculpture

Someone sent me this image via email with the obligatory attached chain letter regarding guardian angels, friends and of course not breaking the chain. Whilst the chain letter irritates me beyond belief, I like the image, so I thought I’d post it here (bar the yukky chain letter).

Some people’s talent amazes me!

Ice Sculpture

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Suburban Seasons

When taking pictures during the snow fall this past week, I realized I was taking the exact same picture that I had taken during the fall this year. So that gave me the idea to create a series of 4 pictures over the course of the year, to show the seasonal changes. So far I only have the Fall and the Winter. I simply love the contrast!

The pictures are of a tree (the foremost one in particular) and its surrounds, across the road from our house. For some reason that tree always calls to me. There is something about the ugliness of the telephone wires and unpaved driveway contrasted against the beauty of the tree.  After actually looking at the pictures electronically, I can see they are not exactly the same photo, as they are from slightly different angle, but I think they’re close enough for my little project.

Suburban Seasons - Fall

Suburban Seasons - Winter

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The Silence of Snow

Silent Snow

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Winter’s Back

It’s snowing!

I should be working, but here I am, sitting in my living room, with my laptop on my lap, blanket wrapped snugly around me, writing this post and watching the snow fall. And it’s beginning to stick now. Yay!

It is magical and beautiful!

I grew up in a warm southern hemisphere climate and so snow is still very much a novelty to me. I feel all sparkly when I see it. The inconvenience of it doesn’t worry me in the least. I just love it. Crazy I know.

I was beginning to think that we’d had winter and that spring was coming. It’s been so crazy warm not cold. I guess global warming is to blame.

Cottontail RabbitJust last night I saw two little bunny rabbits hopping around, one in our very own backyard, and I said to B, my hubby “That’s weird. I’ve not seen rabbits in winter hopping around before. It’s almost like it’s spring.” Of course he thought that was an inane comment, because of course there are rabbits around in winter. But from my perspective, there are masses of them around in spring, so I guess I just associate rabbits with spring.

So anyway….I am really glad it still winter because I want loads and loads of snow, I want to be snowed in, I want to have snow days and I want to go snow tubing. I just hope those little bunny rabbits are warm and cosy in their burrows!

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