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I am just discovering that there are web sites out there, that just with a click, you can donate. No, not your own money per se, but your muscle and clicking power.

Free RiceOne such example (which I found by blog hopping to 2 Witches Blog), which is a lot of fun too, is Free Rice. It’s a vocabulary game that with each correct answer, 20g of rice is donated to needy folk. Try it! My highest vocabulary level was 40, but I averaged out at around 33. Not too bad considering there are only 50 levels.

Then there are (as I call them) the daily clickables (as discovered at tnchick.com.  Thanks tnchick!). Every day when you click on the banners, sponsers donate to your chosen cause. And even easier they are all on one website, just under different heading tabs.

The Animal Rescue Site The Rainforest Site The Child Health Site The Hunger SiteThe Breast Cancer Site The Literacy Site
I am sure there are way more such web sites out there, just as easy to use as these. If you come across any, please let me know so that I can keep them all in one place.

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