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Ok…not much time before bedtime, but I really want to post at least something today.

Today accomplished a lot.  I :-

  1. Went to the optometrist, had my eyes tested and picked out new specs.  My script has improved – strange!
  2. Had my car inspected, went to the MVA (aka Motor Vehicle Association) and got new tags (aka plates) for my car. Only a cool 5 months after moving to a new state.  You only have 60 days in which to do it, so in actual fact I have been driving illegally.  Let me not even get started on why it’s taken so long.  Let’s just say the MVA is freaking USELESS!
  3. JOINED A GYM!!!  Woohoo!  That is the biggest and best news by far!  Now I can attempt to loose the many pounds (maybe like 80 – gasp!) I have gained since coming to the US.  Did I mention how I hate exercise?  No, I guess I didn’t because I detest moaning blogs.  But for the record, I HATE EXERCISE!

Tomorrow I have an appointment to see a MD who also practices holistic complimentary and alternative medicine.  I’m hoping she can help me shake this tremendous fatigue I find myself continually fighting.  I’m betting she will tell me to exercise (urgh!) and diet, preferably organic vegan foods only.  She will probably send me for a battery of blood tests and tell me I am at least pre-diabetic and also prescribe a load of herbs and suppliments.  Hopefully we can also cover my energy work and how I can keep myself healthy in that realm too.  So why, you might ask am I going to see someone when I already know what she will say….?  Because I just don’t have the strength to do this on my own.  I want her to hold my hand and help me take the little baby steps I know I must begin with.

Tomorrow I also have my gym induction at 8:00am.  Am I crazy or what…8:00am?!

And then tomorrow night I’m attending the 2nd session of a Radical Forgiveness course I’m doing.  It’s totally radical, man!

Oh, and somewhere in all of this, I’m supposed to work.  Yer right.

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