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Ok…not much time before bedtime, but I really want to post at least something today.

Today accomplished a lot.  I :-

  1. Went to the optometrist, had my eyes tested and picked out new specs.  My script has improved – strange!
  2. Had my car inspected, went to the MVA (aka Motor Vehicle Association) and got new tags (aka plates) for my car. Only a cool 5 months after moving to a new state.  You only have 60 days in which to do it, so in actual fact I have been driving illegally.  Let me not even get started on why it’s taken so long.  Let’s just say the MVA is freaking USELESS!
  3. JOINED A GYM!!!  Woohoo!  That is the biggest and best news by far!  Now I can attempt to loose the many pounds (maybe like 80 – gasp!) I have gained since coming to the US.  Did I mention how I hate exercise?  No, I guess I didn’t because I detest moaning blogs.  But for the record, I HATE EXERCISE!

Tomorrow I have an appointment to see a MD who also practices holistic complimentary and alternative medicine.  I’m hoping she can help me shake this tremendous fatigue I find myself continually fighting.  I’m betting she will tell me to exercise (urgh!) and diet, preferably organic vegan foods only.  She will probably send me for a battery of blood tests and tell me I am at least pre-diabetic and also prescribe a load of herbs and suppliments.  Hopefully we can also cover my energy work and how I can keep myself healthy in that realm too.  So why, you might ask am I going to see someone when I already know what she will say….?  Because I just don’t have the strength to do this on my own.  I want her to hold my hand and help me take the little baby steps I know I must begin with.

Tomorrow I also have my gym induction at 8:00am.  Am I crazy or what…8:00am?!

And then tomorrow night I’m attending the 2nd session of a Radical Forgiveness course I’m doing.  It’s totally radical, man!

Oh, and somewhere in all of this, I’m supposed to work.  Yer right.

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Sicky Girl Update

Since Thursday morning, I’ve been put through the flu wringer. Hot and cold sweats, achy ears and head, many boxes of tissues…the whole deal. After nearly 2 days of almost solid sleep, vitamins, flu meds and chicken soup provided by my sweet honey, I am recovering nicely.

The flu always makes me feel like I’m going through an intense spiritual cleanse, like every one of my cells is wringing out toxins. Which is interesting considering that on Monday evening this week, I finally let loose at S and directed my long held anger at her. The feeling of release was a totally pleasant surprise. And a few days later, I’m cleansing…? Mmmmm..makes you think, doesn’t it.

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I am just discovering that there are web sites out there, that just with a click, you can donate. No, not your own money per se, but your muscle and clicking power.

Free RiceOne such example (which I found by blog hopping to 2 Witches Blog), which is a lot of fun too, is Free Rice. It’s a vocabulary game that with each correct answer, 20g of rice is donated to needy folk. Try it! My highest vocabulary level was 40, but I averaged out at around 33. Not too bad considering there are only 50 levels.

Then there are (as I call them) the daily clickables (as discovered at tnchick.com.  Thanks tnchick!). Every day when you click on the banners, sponsers donate to your chosen cause. And even easier they are all on one website, just under different heading tabs.

The Animal Rescue Site The Rainforest Site The Child Health Site The Hunger SiteThe Breast Cancer Site The Literacy Site
I am sure there are way more such web sites out there, just as easy to use as these. If you come across any, please let me know so that I can keep them all in one place.

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Photo Hunter

This is the first time I’m participating in Photo Hunt. LOVE the concept 🙂 . Thanks tnchick!

The theme this week is “Old Fashioned” and so I decided to post a photo of my maternal grandmother, Vera Bell, who passed on over 25 years ago. I love how they did formal portraits in the “olden days” (as I call those days). I think they used to touch them up by painting emphasis on eyelashes, eyebrows and lips.

Vera Bell

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Sicky Girl

I’m coming down with something 😦 .
Clogged and achy sinus’, running nose, headache, sore ears….probably just a head cold, hopefully not the flu. Fast going through a box of tissues.

In the meantime someone sent me this link to WhoisSick.org. What a novel concept! Their blog describes the site as:

whoissick provides local (down to the zip code level), timely (within a day), and broad (many different symptoms, not just the flu) sickness information. Some typical use cases for a user would be

  1. I am feeling a little sick and want to check what sicknesses are going around in my local area – probably within 10 or 20 miles from where I live or work.
  2. I am traveling to another area of the country and want to know if there are sicknesses going around that I need to be careful of
  3. I live in an area where I notice lots of people getting sick, so in preparation, I can take an AirBorne or vitamins to prevent catching anything

To date, the only way to get information like this is probably to call multiple places (hospitals, doctors, clinics, schools, etc) and ask what is currently going around. Not very organized or efficient.

We hope to change this.

It’s fun, but I’m not convinced it’s achieving it’s purpose yet, as only about 5 people are sick in my zip code.

Gotta run out and get some lurgy preparations.

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Ice Sculpture

Someone sent me this image via email with the obligatory attached chain letter regarding guardian angels, friends and of course not breaking the chain. Whilst the chain letter irritates me beyond belief, I like the image, so I thought I’d post it here (bar the yukky chain letter).

Some people’s talent amazes me!

Ice Sculpture

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Are you Safe on the Web?

Today I had a nasty shock.

The illustrious Mr David W. Boles of Urban Semiotic fame, did, in 3 minutes flat, undercover my identity on the web.  I know he found out at a minimum, my email address, cell phone number, employer, work phone number, that I am selling my townhouse and the address of it.  But who knows what else he could have discovered had he put more time into his sleuthing.

And all as a result of my exploration of 2 of his older posts:-

Check them out.  They are fascinatingly educational.  See how vulnerable you might be.  Are you safe on the web at all?  Have you had similar experiences?

Right now, I feel kind of grateful to Mr Boles for taking the time to open up my eyes, but also a little shell-shocked.  Where to now?

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