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From today’s Daily Kabbalah Tune Up email:

Just as you are certain that your life will be filled with abundance in the future, appreciate what you have right now.
Focus on five things you are grateful for today.

During this hectic time in my life (a story for another day), I’m finding it tough to just stop and smell the flowers.  It’s a real pity seeing as we’re at the start of what promises to be a glorious spring.  Just today, the petals from the blossoms of the cherry blossom trees began drifting to the ground beneath them, ironically mimicking the snow falls of a few months prior.

So today’s reminder was timely indeed — and now I find myself blogging again after a long, dry hiatus — miracles truly never cease.

So then, what am I grateful for — right here in this precise minute?  In no particular order:

  1. My insatiable curiosity for knowledge and the intelligence to process and integrate it.
  2. For my current career, web creation.  Not only does it satisfy my technical brain needs, but it fuels and drives my creativity.  I get to work with colour!  And design!  A far cry from my first 10 years in IT where I programmed investment bank back office transactions in a dry, old mainframe language.  Don’t get me wrong, I am deeply grateful for my dry, old mainframe days; heck, it enabled me to move from South Africa to the UK and finally to the USA.  But the work I am doing now, speaks to my soul, in a way the early days never did.  What more could one ask for?
  3. A wonderfully understanding, supportive and loving husband!  Saturday we celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary and words cannot describe how grateful I am to have him along with me on the strange journey we call life.
  4. Friends and family, old and new, near and far.  I am especially grateful to my longstanding friends who have seen me through 2 country moves, a divorce and numerous other stressful life events.  Thank you for sticking with me, even though you are so far away.  You’re always near in my heart.
  5. I am eternally thankful to have found my connection to spirit.  Many seek, few truly find the way.  I found it through Reiki.  I am not always connected every minute of every day, but I how how it feels and I know how to get there.  I just need a reminder and a nudge every now and then to go to where I need and want to be – my spirit home.

So there you have it, my “Grateful For” list.  What are YOU grateful for today?

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He got it!

As a follow up to my post from last week, my honey got the job he really wanted!  The one he fought for.  Yay!

He starts Feb 4th at the higher salary, with his 100% paid benefits kicking in immediately.

He had initially offered to work out his probational period at $10K less, with the idea that he would prove himself for 3 months and then they would raise him to where he wants to be.  Which is still higher than what they generally pay there.  Seems they’re giving him the benefit of the doubt by paying him the higher salary straight off the bat.

I just hope this doesn’t mean they want his soul too.  I know that IT requires long, irregular hours (I’m in the industry too), but I just don’t want them to be worse than they already are.

This is THE MOST AWESOME NEWS for us, and for him in particular.

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Abundance, she comes…

So, two pieces of very good news from the ‘ol household….

Tax Returns and Refund

I finally mailed off my 2004 tax returns yesterday! Yes, I know they are really, really late, but you know what they say, better late than never. Why my tax returns were so late is a very long, boring story involving my laziness and major life changes during that time, making my affairs particularly complicated. Now I am all caught up, from the US perspective anyway. Yay!

The UK is another story completely. I keep accumulating fines from them even though I have not lived there since 2003. I once attempted to speak to Her Majesty’s office about it, explaining that it is absurd that I am required to complete tax returns when I no longer reside there and even more absurd that they keep piling on the fines. The very polite gentleman said they would review my case and probably waiver the fines. This has not happened and so I guess the next thing is for me to get back on the phone with them and get these fines squashed.

Oh! But wait! I didn’t tell you the really exciting bit. My refund is going to be $9,000! Yeehaaaa! Now I can pay off my credit card.

New Job

My honey had a job offer from the Mayor’s Office in Baltimore City as a web developer! At a whopping 50% pay hike! Granted he will now be working 5 days a week and not 4. So it is a 50% pay rise for a 20% increase in work. Not a bad deal, me thinks.

Meanwhile he was turned down for another job, one he really, really wanted, because he was missing Ajax from his web developer repetore. Well, one thing my honey has, is a lot of confidence in both his learning ability and his technical ability. So he shot off an email to them saying he would prove both of these to them by the next morning. And then spent the next 3 hours looking up information on Ajax and coding a web page in it. Something I would never have done. I love his gutzpah! So now they’re impressed and are negotiating with him regarding salary.

Did I mention how much respect and admiration I have for my man?

So we’ll see which one he ends up with. And in the meantime he resigned from his current job today, with his boss saying “You know you’re going to be a legend around here, don’t you?”. I’m glad others see what an absolute gem he is.

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