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Are you Safe on the Web?

Today I had a nasty shock.

The illustrious Mr David W. Boles of Urban Semiotic fame, did, in 3 minutes flat, undercover my identity on the web.  I know he found out at a minimum, my email address, cell phone number, employer, work phone number, that I am selling my townhouse and the address of it.  But who knows what else he could have discovered had he put more time into his sleuthing.

And all as a result of my exploration of 2 of his older posts:-

Check them out.  They are fascinatingly educational.  See how vulnerable you might be.  Are you safe on the web at all?  Have you had similar experiences?

Right now, I feel kind of grateful to Mr Boles for taking the time to open up my eyes, but also a little shell-shocked.  Where to now?

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