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I bet this is a surprise hey, old readers!  Yes, I decided to update my blog again.  This time though, I have a favor to ask of you…

I belong to a photo meetup group in Baltimore, Creative Exposure, (and no, that is not a euphemism for nekkid photography, as one of my friends suggested!) and for the next meetup, we need to bring our best prints, framed and ready to hang.  They will then be hanged on the wall of a cafe in Baltimore, On the Hill Cafe, and offered for sale.

Eek!  I’ve never done something like this before!  But I’m willing to shuck down that fear and go for it anyway.

So, if you feel inclined, I’d love you to click on the image link below (which will take you to Picasa Web Albums)  and let me know which photo you think is the best.  Feel free to leave as much or as little feedback as you like.  Constructive critique welcomed too.


Creative Exposure Potentials

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Today is a date to remember.

SD called me on the kid’s cell phone. Of her own free will. That is the first time ever.


The kids are on vacation 8 hours away with their BM and Mom-Mom (or grandmother for all you non-US folks). SD called to say they are having fun, arrived in daylight yesterday, had time for a swim before bed time and will probably go to the amusement park today or tomorrow.

I am touched beyond belief. Not only did she call. But she just called to chat and to share some of her happiness.

While the kids hardly ever call their Dad when they are not with us, they certainly they NEVER call me. Wow. I guess we are making progress…little itty bitty steps.

Abbreviation descriptions can be found here.

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Huh? You’re saying? What’s going on? This is not a new blog ? But it certainly looks new-ish, doesn’t it?!

That’s because I changed the name of the blog and the header image. But same blog, same person, different look.

Sorry that I’ve been away for a while. I do that every now and again…disappear from the blog-o-sphere. It’s good for the soul, to lead an offline life once in a while 🙂 I guess one would normally tell their readers that though, first, before they disappear. Oops!

So what’s with the new name and header image, you ask. I decided ‘Meandering Ramblings’ no longer fitted. It aptly described where I was in my life when I first started this blog, but no longer. I am far more focused now. No more dreamily floating around, seeing where life would take me. Now I have a goal. And that goal is THE LIGHT. Well, actually, it’s been that for a few years now, I’ve just not ever overtly stated it. I am now overtly stating it – and going for it.

My life is a journey, with the sole purpose of reaching THE LIGHT or Enlightenment. Everything I do, consciously or unconsciously is directed towards that goal.

Saying that though, not all of what you will read here will be high-falutin spiritual speak. Much of it will be about my day-to-day living, the triumphs and tribulations thereof. But then again, it is my belief that the lessons and growth we (I) seek are around us all the time, we just have to notice them and then learn them. So of course my greatest growth with come from my every day living!

It would be lovely to have you along for the ride 🙂

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Been an age….

Ok, it’s simply been an age since I posted.  Like seriously.  A really long age.  I feel guilty.  Like I’d abandoned a friend.

But, you know, life happened and then I didn’t know where to start and then guilt kept me away and then it just spiraled and spiraled until … nothing … just blank pages.

Well, I’m here to apologize to you all (if there is even a “you all” anymore) and see if we can still be friends …?

Hope so … 😦

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