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From today’s Daily Kabbalah Tune Up email:

Just as you are certain that your life will be filled with abundance in the future, appreciate what you have right now.
Focus on five things you are grateful for today.

During this hectic time in my life (a story for another day), I’m finding it tough to just stop and smell the flowers.  It’s a real pity seeing as we’re at the start of what promises to be a glorious spring.  Just today, the petals from the blossoms of the cherry blossom trees began drifting to the ground beneath them, ironically mimicking the snow falls of a few months prior.

So today’s reminder was timely indeed — and now I find myself blogging again after a long, dry hiatus — miracles truly never cease.

So then, what am I grateful for — right here in this precise minute?  In no particular order:

  1. My insatiable curiosity for knowledge and the intelligence to process and integrate it.
  2. For my current career, web creation.  Not only does it satisfy my technical brain needs, but it fuels and drives my creativity.  I get to work with colour!  And design!  A far cry from my first 10 years in IT where I programmed investment bank back office transactions in a dry, old mainframe language.  Don’t get me wrong, I am deeply grateful for my dry, old mainframe days; heck, it enabled me to move from South Africa to the UK and finally to the USA.  But the work I am doing now, speaks to my soul, in a way the early days never did.  What more could one ask for?
  3. A wonderfully understanding, supportive and loving husband!  Saturday we celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary and words cannot describe how grateful I am to have him along with me on the strange journey we call life.
  4. Friends and family, old and new, near and far.  I am especially grateful to my longstanding friends who have seen me through 2 country moves, a divorce and numerous other stressful life events.  Thank you for sticking with me, even though you are so far away.  You’re always near in my heart.
  5. I am eternally thankful to have found my connection to spirit.  Many seek, few truly find the way.  I found it through Reiki.  I am not always connected every minute of every day, but I how how it feels and I know how to get there.  I just need a reminder and a nudge every now and then to go to where I need and want to be – my spirit home.

So there you have it, my “Grateful For” list.  What are YOU grateful for today?

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Sign Language

One last thing for the evening…

There have been *at least* two people doing sign language interpretation at the conference.

I think this is SO AWESOME!  This is the first event I have been at where I have seen something like this.  And it just makes my heart so warm.

Yay for Accessibility!

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Learning to Touch Type

I decided I need to teach myself to touch type.

Yes, after all these years in Information Technology (> 11 years) I still look at my keyboard and type with only a few of my fingers and make a lot of errors.

It was so fascinating watching some of my colleagues at the conference today, taking notes on their laptops.  In my university days we used pen and paper.  These folk were typing faster than I ever could write and not making any mistakes to boot.  I’ve also watched my hubby doing the same thing.  I think I could work much faster and far more efficiently if I could only touch type.

So, I went online and found an online tutorial and am slowly going to work my way through the lessons.  I am committing to an hour a day on work days to practice.  Think that will be enough?

At this point I am only on lesson one.  And after only 3 tries, I  am getting worse, not better and my left fingers are aching.  Oh dear.  Lots of work to do.

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What do you get when you have a conference full of geeks and plenty of free-flowing alcohol?  Well, a Guitar Hero Tournament of course!  All evidence here

Yep, that’s right folks.  That was the entertainment last night here at the HighedWeb 2008 conference.

And may I say, what a blast?  (Mmmm…maybe that makes me a geek too 😉 )  Well of course I must have some geek in me, because I had a smashing time last night and am very much enjoying the conference as a whole.  And no, I didn’t participate in the tournament, but I did give it a good go cheering all the other good sports on.

What a treat to be in the company of so many like-minded individuals who get the concept and application of social media!  And how enlightening to speak to (the many) folk who are in the same boat I am -> one man/woman web bands for colleges.  And just to listen to some of the amazing technology being used.  And…and…and…well, you get the picture.  So much good information here!

Having a quiet evening to myself tonight though.  Feeling a bit overloaded with information and people.  And still nursing my cold which wasn’t helped by cabin pressure changes from the 2 flights getting to the conference.

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I don’t know how long this has been going, but today I read about 1-800-GOOG-411.  It’s a FREE directory service provided by Google (probably only for the USA).   All you need is a phone – and a need for a phone number.

It sure beats the $1.25 currently charged by the regular 411 directory inquiry service!

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I just stumbled across a LOVELY website for people who make websites…clean, easy to read and navigate and full of useful information specially around web standards and best practices -> AListApart.com.

They also just published their 2nd survey for us web professionals which gathers data on who we are and how we work…check it out.

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Free Fonts

I found an awesome website today for web designers looking for free fonts!


Check it out!

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