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Soooooo…..she finally writes a post (I hear you mumble)….

It’s actually a bit of a “nothing” post though, just a quick catch-me-up type.

Life is just so THRILLING right now!

New house – closing by end January, moved in by end February.
New baby – well, not quite yet, but in the making.  And am also thinking of starting a new blog to document the progress.
New job – shhhhhh….it’s supposed to be very quiet.  And, well it is.  More to come on this by the end of this week.

I just wanted to record this wonderful feeling of bursting out of my skin with excitement!

And say that even though I am not blogging very much, I am still reading your blogs.  Those that celebrate the December holidays, hope you had a great time.  And a very Happy & Prosperous 2009 to everyone!

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Teeheee…..I cannot stop giggling!

I have been stressing about my 3 year arm mortgage coming up to the variable rate option.  You hear so many horror stories of people’s mortgage payment shooting up at the end of the arm period, I was just expecting the worst.

Well, today I get a letter from my mortgage company.  And my rate is dropping by 0.25%, from 5,25% to 5%!!!!  Not going up at all.

How very cool is that!

Oh, and my house which has been on the market for around 4 or 5 months, has finally had an offer today.  A very low offer mind you, but an offer, nonetheless.  From a Realtor.  I think he thinks I’m desperate.  Which I’m not.  So we’ll have to see what comes of that.

Things are looking up.

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